Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Tale of Two Homos

Every morning while I ride the bus to work, I do four things: listen to hoodrat beats with heavy bass to get myself pumped for the day, practice my Spanish with DuoLingo (typing only), scan through CNN headlines and catch up on my social media.  Today I learned (or TIL for you Reddit nerds) that the first guy I ever spent the night with, i.e. first dude I let sleep with me after a hook up, would be coming to my city at the end of the month.  Fond and not-so-fond memories flooded back to me in an instant.  While reminiscing about this dude was nice, the revelation that followed was much more satisfying.

I'll refer to him as Window Climber--WC for short--because my favorite memory of WC is forcing him to climb out my second-story window in the morning so my four college room mates, who were also Fraternity brothers, wouldn't wake up.  To be honest, I made WC leave so early in the morning that it wouldn't have mattered how much noise he made had he taken the stairs; my room mates would have still been slaughtered from the previous night's drinking.

In honor of America's victory over Ghana.

It was my second semester of senior year and his second semester of his freshman year.  We connected online, and I'll keep it at that.  The first time we met, we hooked up in his Scion TC in a parking garage on campus.  You know, the kind of high school shit closet homos have to resort to when you don't have a place to yourself.

WC was a fuckin' stud, and he still is, in some ways.  Tall, dark and handsome with a sick body.  I remember how nervous I was that he might pull up next to my car and end up having what some would call, "a face for radio", or even worse, if he was someone I knew.  He was neither.  In fact, I learned that he had had (paid) modeling gigs in the past.  *cue Aloe Blacc's "I'm the Man".  For the next two or three months WC and I would text back and forth, playfully flirting, and sneak into each others' rooms at odd hours.

There was an undeniable sexual attraction between us, but as time went on, I started realizing that he wasn't the bro for me, for many reasons.  First and foremost, I was far from ready to have an  emotional relationship with a guy.  The other factors were a combination of our immaturity, different interests and my impending graduation.  Our attraction to each other was purely physical.  This was the first time I realized how much I valued a compatible personality and common interests in a potential significant other.

Fast forward to now, after three years, we're both in similar places but on COMPLETELY different paths.  I always had a feeling he'd be a sceney type gay--he was too pretty, and he had his (cringeworthy) "princess" moments.   He's been more open with his predilection for dudes and is even dating one of those internet-famous Instagram/YouTube guys.  I'm stoked for him, regardless of our history, and regardless of what I think of those internet-famous Instagram/YouTube guys.

I, on the other hand, am perfectly content being somewhat under the radar.  I've checked out pride events, and I've been to the gay bars, so I know for sure that that "scene" isn't really my thing.  It just doesn't jive with my personality and what I want out of life.  Plain and simple, it's not for me, but I understand its appeal.  You know, some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.

And so my big revelation was that at 25, having been through some shit and having met different types of people in the three years since I met WC, I've come a long way.  I don't have the same fears and worries that I had when I was in college.  Sure, there's some lingering anxiety and I could probably be happier, but overall, I'm pretty fucking content.


  1. I'm laughing pretty hard right now at the fact that you made that dude climb out of your second story bedroom window and dubbed him WC haha funny shit. Everyone comes into your life for a reason and it sounds like he was the perfect guy to help you come to the realization that you need a guy with more than just the looks. Should be interesting now that he's moving to your city...will there be any new WC moments? Lol

    I need the ab workout that dude in the pic is doing. Hot damn.

    1. It was definitely a good learning experience--wouldn't trade it for anything. And of course, it's always a good story to tell.

    2. just discovered your blog.

      i had smirk while reading your post about WC. hilarious....

    3. Thanks for reading, man. Yeah, I still get a kick out of it haha